18 BLADES | P.L.6+

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18 BLADES | P.L.6+ is available for purchase in increments of 1
SHAVE-LAB's P.L.6+ razor blades have been designed for sensitive skin and provide a pleasant wet shave. They thoroughly rid the skin of hair with significantly less skin irritations.

The P.L.6+ blades consist of:
  • 6 super sharp shaving blades as part of a flexible duplex blade head
  • Nourishing double sliding strip
  • Extra-wide rubber lamellae
The 6 shaving blades that are part of the flexible duplex blade head provide a thorough, but gentle shave in every area of the body. The shave delivers clean results even in sensitive areas of the leg, stomach, and in the genital area. Two moisturising sliding strips nourish the skin thanks to their natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and special oils.
  • Available in 9 or 18 blades per pack