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Optimal performance and uncompromising design
The Cinque Edition razors combine elegant design and high grip strength thanks to their high-quality rubber coating. Especially in the shower, it is important to not lose your footing. The Cinque razor offers the perfect grip for a shave under difficult conditions.
  • Precise handling and control
  • Curved shape
  • Flexible blade head for every body contour
  • German manufacturer quality
Like any SHAVE-LAB razor, the Cinque is offered as part of a starter kit. This kit consists of a razor and 4 extra-sharp blades. In turn, it contains everything you need for a perfect shaving experience. Our P.6 + 1 blades are the ideal blades for a gentle shave and perfect contours:
  • Six diamond-hardened razors
  • Trimmer for contours
  • Nourishing moisture strip
  • Firming mini rubber lamellae