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Masterful silhouette and a valuable razor
The Aon razor not only impresses by its elegant and classic shape, but also by the high-quality technology. The handle is a combination of solid aluminium and natural resin. In combination, both materials turn this razor into an essential that you will not want to do without.
  • Uncompromising quality paired with an elegant design
  • Handle made of natural resin
  • Optimal handling for every body part
  • Hand-polished chrome body
  • Valuable metal box for storage
Like any SHAVE-LAB razor, the Aon is offered as part of a starter kit. This kit consists of a razor and 4 extra-sharp blades. In turn, it contains everything you need for a perfect shaving experience. Our P.L.6 + blades are flexible and thus constitute the optimal body razor blades:
  • Six blades featuring a duplex design
  • Nourishing double sliding strip
  • Extra-wide rubber lamellae