SHAVE-LAB stands for individuality, design, quality and functionality in the beauty industry for razors. The optimum combination of razor-sharp razor blades and beautifully shaped razor handles makes it difficult to decide what to go for when it comes to choosing between the sport, premium and luxury line. We will send the desired products to you in stylish high quality paper or metal boxes straight to your home – you will profit from a quick and affordable service.



Fine materials and high quality workmanship, combined with design and elegant products – Shave-Lab has made it its aim to offer razors, razor blades and compatible accessories, as well as care products that are not only optically pleasing, but also convince on a functional level.


In 2010 Christopher von Hallwyl founded Shave-Lab to revolutionize the way people buy and use razors and razor blades. He built Shave-Lab to show that razors can be designed in a way that makes them durable and timeless yet also exciting and low-priced. We want our customers to have the best possible online shopping experience while also communicating with them on a personal level.

Our goal is to make you happy and excite you with every new product and every new innovation that arrives at your door.



For body aesthetics, individualists and minimalists and for people who love durability it is the beginning of a razor design evolution. The razors made by Shave-Lab transform your daily shaving experience into a luxurious ritual. Following our slogan “Luxury Shaving- Low Prices” we offer you our newest products at the lowest prices. These products for men and women with their style, functionality and quality get you the best shaving experience possible.

The first of its kind flexible shaving-system offers you many styles and colours to choose from with every one of our models. There are three different types of blades for your needs, and all of them fit onto every one of our razors and are adjusted to your type of skin and your shaving needs. Our razors are made hand-polished with materials like resin and chrome-plated aluminium designed by us for you to achieve the best result you have ever had.

Now it is your turn to choose from our many models and styles: SHAVE-LAB razors and razor blades are available in sport, premium and luxury versions.


Fine materials with the highest quality, made for you. Every product is unique and refined in twelve separate cutting and polishing steps during production.