We here at SHAVE-LAB have developed a shaving system for razors for both men and women to achieve the optimum wet shave, whereby everyone can choose an appropriate and stylistic razor grip and suitable razor blades that are ideally suited for each individual hair growth rate. Quality and individuality are the top priority in regards to our wet shave shop and all of our razors and razor blades.

Razor configurator for men
Rasierer - Konfigurator Männer
Razor configurator for women
Rasierer - Konfigurator Frauen

Design made in Germany

Beautiful shaped and elegant razors, at Shave-Lab this means:

quality with exquisite materials and suitable for all tastes.

Razors for men

Elegant black – faultless smoothness for the modern man

IOur razors for gentlemen are delivered in a mysterious deep black. The distinctive colour stylistically and impressively complements the silvery shine of the steel and therewith represents a fusion of power and precision, which is embodied by all models of the black edition. Don’t accept anything less: with SHAVE-LAB you can experience a shave that will meet your high expectations. Our three blade models for the black edition are designed for the specific needs of men’s facial and body skin and are suitable for smooth complete shaves. With a SHAVE-LAB razor you will achieve impeccable results – so that you can present yourself well-kept and with confidence.

  • Zero Black Edition Starter Set

    ZERO | BLACK - P.6

    ZERO, the timeless wet shaver for men, embodies an ultra-light and affordable solution for design-oriented people who also value a little luxury when travelling.
    Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost
  • Cinque Black Edition Starter Set

    CINQUE | BLACK - P.6

    With the men shaver CINQUE you have everything firmly under control when shaving.
    Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost
  • Aon Black Edition Starter Set

    AON | BLACK - P.6

    Purist, timeless and clean – intelligently constructed with especially chosen materials.
    Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

Razors for women

Sensual white – a silky-smooth wet shave for women

White – no other colour symbolises harmony and feminine elegance to such an extent. The lady range for our razors causes women’s hearts to beat faster. SHAVE-LAB turns bodily hygiene into pure pleasure for ladies with style. Whether you like the sporty models 'Zero' or 'Fire', or the exceptionally designed 'Trés' and 'Seis' – our products continue to convince with their unusual and stylish looks. The razor blades for the white edition are also designed for women’s needs and guarantee optimum results for each use – even for sensitive and problematic areas of the body. You can only experience SHAVE-LAB’s quality if you try it for yourself!

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Find the razor blade that fit your taste

Elegant paper and metal boxes

Discover the right razor blade for your razor and choose from our many options ranging from flexible subscription to single order - fitting all your needs.



One often asks oneself where you can buy high quality razors that are affordable at the same time. We at SHAVE-LAB have developed an offer that you should perhaps consider a little more closely. SHAVE-LAB stands for beautifully shaped razors and optimum razor blades, where you can decide, which combination suits you best. You can, by the way, conveniently order our razor blades as a subscription – you will decide on the delivery frequency in accordance with hair growth and shaving habits.


A standard razor is not enough for you and you are used to make no compromises in terms of design and style, even in the bathroom, so with Shave-Lab you have come to the right place. We place great importance on quality and an optimum design and we would never consider cutting out one of these two components. And all of this in a price performance ratio that will most likely help you in your decision. A razor with style, from all segments and for all wallets, that is SHAVE-LAB.


A razor from SHAVE-LAB can offer so much more than just quality. It also stands for elegance and reflects the sophisticated expectations of its users: thought-through functionality combined with an exclusive design. Good taste means to not accept the next best thing, but to make a conscious decision. And you can comfortably make this decision from your own home – our articles are exclusively available in our online shop. This enables us to offer our products at especially affordable prices without compromising on the quality of our razors.