Body Shaver for Men

For precision and a neat appearance - a body razor for the body

With our SHAVE-LAB wet razor for the body, annoying body hair can be removed quickly and in an optimal way. The doubly lined 3-blade rows, which are arranged in a unique oval shape that smoothly slide over your contures, work very well, even on sensitive parts of the skin, exactly the right razor blade for your body.

  • Body-Styler für Männer

    The ideal performance for your body - leave the annoying body hairs to the doubly lined 3-blade rows in the classic White-Edition.

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Blade Subscription for men

You will receive replacement blades in our elegant Shave-Lab paper box via mail, which have been optimally tailored towards you - if required in regular intervals, so that you have everything at hand for a razorsharp shave.

So that everything runs smoothly: our body-razor

Especially when on holiday and during the summer, a hairless body is of the utmost importance. As was the case in the ancient world of Cesar and Cleopatra, hairless bodies are important to us and we place great value on a neat appearance. The modern body razor from Shave-Lab makes the removal of annoying hair much easier. Precision par excellence and the high-quality razor blades of the body razor make body care much easier.

Body Razor

Precision for a better feeling – a body shaver for the aesthetes

A slip-resistant grip which fits firmly in the hand and a blade which adjusts to the contours and curves of the body fitted with moisture strips containing natural oils, lavendar essence and aloe vera soothing the skin. Providing you with all the necessary preconditions for a safe and secure shave.

Remove annoying body hair

A well-groomed appearance topped off with the perfect body shave is increasingly desired by men. Unwanted hair on the chest and underarms can be removed quickly and easily but require a different razor blade than facial hair. SHAVE-LAB has developed the Body-Styler as an alternative, allowing easy removal of body hair. The Body-Styler fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its natural rubber partial coating – providing an optimally firm hold. Two sets of 3 individual blades ensure great performance where you want soft and smooth skin.

A Body Shave in harmony with the body

The body shaver can be used to remove hair from the face as well as legs and intimate areas. A strong and reliable grip is absolutely necessary for a safe shave. There must be absolutely no slippage when coming in contact with water, shower gel or shaving foam, but gurantee a stable hold. Incorporated into the perfect body grooming experience is an innovative, flexible blade which adjusts to specific sections of the body and its curves also in areas such as around the knees and in the underarms. With both of these qualities, the ideal body shaving tool is born, simplifying shaving.

Stylish Body shavers from SHAVE-LAB

Whether a razor or suitable blade, we offer a popular and attractive range of products, ensuring the right tool for everyone’s taste. Each of our stylish designs is suitable as a body shaver for men or for women. It goes without saying that our blades fit every razor handle. For hard-to-reach areas, go with one of our narrower blades. For the legs, however, a wider blade is recommended such as the P.L.6+ blade which comes in white.