Our popular razor blade, specifically for thicker hair, is now back on stock due to high demand.

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Hand-finished razors, gentle blades & natural beauty products at affordable prices

A perfect match

Blades for a perfect shave

100% compatible with all our razors – for men and women

Limited Edition-Sets

individual gift sets

luxurious combinations for every budget – high-quality designs with a certain je ne sais quoi

New Deals every Month

up to 30% discount on certain razors, beauty products & accessories – different every month

Exclusive Grooming Products

Exclusive new beauty products

Refreshing razor gels, nurturing after shaves & natural lotions, new in our product range as of now

Gold Rush Collection

class up your shave

Elegant razor grips in rose gold – the gold rush edition for the sophisticated amongst us

The perfect shave
for women and men

Design made in Germany

Bekannt aus: GQ, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, L'officiel, Brand Eins, Wirtschaftswoche, Gala, Men's Health, Die Welt, InStyle

Blade Subscription

Razor blade subscription — the ideal addition

Everyone changes their razor blades in accordance with requirements and intensity, some more often, some less often. In order to meet the actual use, we are offering a razor blade subscription, which is orientated on how often razor blades are being changed. Whether it is the daily shaving of the beard for men or leg shaving for women, the razor blade subscription is accurately tailored towards the user's needs and can be changed immediately. As part of your razor blade subscription you will receive suitable razor blades in our elegant Shave-Lab paper box via mail, be it 4- or 6-blade razor blades.


for women

Rasurplan für Frauen


for men

Rasurplan für Männer

All you need for an optimum shave

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Care Products

Spoil your skin with an extra portion of care before shaving.

Shave-Lab Pflege

Add the right accessories in order to achieve an elegant finish to your shaving experience.

Company philosophy and quality statement

Shave-Lab Über uns
about us
We want to offer you something special: good design, affordable blades and an individual experience.
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Deal of the Month
Benefit from price advantages of up to 30% - each month with selected products.
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Body Razors
So that everything runs smoothly:
our body razor

Wet Shaving Shop

It is very easy to find and choose a razor with SHAVE-LAB. Everyone has individual needs in accordance with their hair growth and should choose a razor accordingly. Quality and design come first in regards to all razors from the SHAVE-LAB production site. Let us surprise you and see our products for yourself.

Here at SHAVE-LAB we have developed a shaving system for razors, which ensures an optimum wet shave for men, as well as for women, and for which everyone can put together suitable and stylish razor handles and optimal razor blades that are ideal for the respective hair growth. Quality and individuality come first in regards to our wet shave shop and for all our razors and razor blades.

You like sporty or elegant designs? We offer beautifully shaped razor handles for shaving – from sport and premium products to our luxury line, which will optically amaze you – razors that are thought-through and of high quality and which are delivered to you by mail, SHAVE-LAB not only convinces in regards to its design, but there is also something for everyone in terms of pricing. – everything from our wet shave shop and everything directly from us here at SHAVE-LAB.